April 19, 2010 8:38am CST
hello mylotters, i want to ask if do u know any homeremedy for sunburn? coz i have it and its painful and itchy, thanks!
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@Shar19 (8236)
• United States
20 Apr 10
Aloe vera is the best thing I know for sunburn. If you don't have the plant you can buy 100% aloe vera gel.
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
23 Aug 10
I also use aloe vera for burns (not that I get them very often, but still), it works great! So I can recommend this method to everyone!
@phoenix8606 (4978)
7 May 10
yes, I know one and it is typical for my country Bulgaria- use some yoghourt and spread the place where you have burned and stay so for half an hour. it really helps
• Philippines
20 Apr 10
You try the fresh aloe vera or fresh tomato. It's cool. Leave it for how many minutes or hour on you skin. I've tried it before and it was effective.
@aankara (15)
19 Apr 10
This is going to sound totally bizzare but this worked for me. Milk of magnesia - apply it to the affected areas. Many years ago I was in Mexico visiting a penpal. I got totally fried one day and it was not pleasant. My penpal's mother comes up to me with a bottle of milk of magnesia and she told me to trust her. I did - - wow - - the burning stopped. Smoothed it on as if it were body lotion and shortly after the burning feeling stopped. If it works for you let me know!!!
19 Apr 10
One of the best remedies I have found is aloe vera lotion. Have a cool shower and pat your skin dry before applying loads of the aloe vera lotion, and you can reapply as often as you like. Don't forget to use a high factor sunblock next time hun
• United States
19 Apr 10
Soak in a tea bath. The tea (black is good) helps to absorb the toxins created by the burn (the same ones that give sun poisoning). Once done use some fresh aloe to help it heal. also drink a lot of water and take some vitamin E and C. They both will help with the healing process.
@deejgeek (192)
19 Apr 10
Aww.. Sunburn is not cool.. It uncomfortable at the back. Try to put Aloe Vera gel on it because it can heal burns maybe it can also heal your sunburn. And I know another one but this is kinda expensive. Try to apply milk on the affected part of the skin using a gauze or towel.
• Norway
19 Apr 10
There are lotions for after sun etc. Try to purchase one it really helps=) I had a sunburn and then i kept using the lotion for after sun bathing and my skin didn't peel off and it looked less red. hope it helps! its not a home remedy though, hehe