dont want to tell my wife but i lost respect for her parnets

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April 19, 2010 9:12am CST
some knows we've dealing with alot of stress within the family. other family memebers treating my daughter totally bad. and her being sexaul assaulted. and always hearing my in laws how she needs to try to get along with everyone else when its not her but everyone else, and even when it comes to the boy and how all the family hangs out with him again she needs to except it. they are alway make excuses for most of the other kids how they behave and treat my daughter well the blame is just thrown on her. and they think i shouldnt hold nothing against the other kids for all they have done to her. and for hanging out with the peice of crap for what he did to her. and i know the guy might be playing soft ball with my son's team and i dont want to be around him at all, i dont trust myself being around him. and ive told my wife and her family if they have a family get together and my daughter isnt working and she wont go there, so i will be here with her. and if she still dont want to go over for holidays either will i. because i want to show her i will give up things and people for her. i will pick and choice her over everyone else even my own son. but thing were said,i dont belive in telling others to be like me, think like, feel like me, do as me. but ive been told by my in laws i need to change my thinking, how i deal with things, because i am wrong and be more like them. i shouldnt dear say anything to anyone if they bring it up, or talk bad about my daughter or if one of the kids talked about how cool and great this guy is who tried to rape my daughter, i told my wife i am not sitting there listening to it, and i am not walking away from them either. i will stand up and speak my mind, i dont care if i hurt these kids or parents feelings they didnt care and dont care about hurting my daughter so why should i. but with things that were said and done over the pass year, i lost respect for my in laws. tried of hearing i need to be like them. and need to what they do. sorry i belive you stand up for those who needs to be stand up for. and you dont sugar coat crap because they are worry about hurting nasty people feelings. but i havent told my wife yet i lost some respect for her parents, i dont want to hurt her. but i really dont care being around them or a few others in the thier family what you think im wrong or i should suck it up
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@MAllen400 (830)
20 Apr 10
I am so sorry for all you have been through. You are one hell of a good Dad.Your daughter is so lucky to have you to talk to. You should tell them that they are lucky that you havent had this lad put in prison for what he did and do they really admire that in a boy who has tried once and will do it again. It sounds to me as if your Wife does not have to be told that you have lost respect for them and that she feels the same. I hope you go on standing close to your daughter and not let him anywhere near her. I send you both a hug.
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20 Apr 10
yeah we've been through alot since last year dealing with all this, my in laws and the whole family got weird ways looking and dealing with things. i would had love for my daughter to file charges on him, and have him do sometime, because he would have became someone boyfriend in jail for sure. lol. i did tell her that i am not going over there this weekend for the get together, and if the boy is on my son's softball team i will not go to the games because i dont trust mysefl and what i might do, if i see him i know my anger will build back up and might just want to hurt him, and he might be dumb enough to try to talk me. wouldnt be good thanks,