The power to believe, but what if? Please read!!

April 22, 2010 7:59am CST
My parents always tell that i must believe in myself. But what if i bielieve in myself with all my heart but still don't succeed?
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25 Apr 10
You know..there are many ingredients for success..self confidence is just one of them..if you can get these ingredients to get to you..that's the time that you make sure of success..just by having belief in one self cannot give you succession if your not doing anything to push your self in succeeding in what your doing.. :))
@jenniper (93)
• Philippines
23 Apr 10
I read a couple of books on the law of attraction. Simply put, you are attracting what you want to attract. So if you think that you believe in yourself yet scared that you will not succeed, then you are attracting that negative aura. Just think that you believe in yourself and you CAN succeed.
• United States
22 Apr 10
Then that is a guide that means you should not be doing that activity. There is something bigger and better out there for you. We can not be great at certain activities so we have to look for the ones we are great at. Don't give up hope and continue to believe you will go far.
@Margajoe (4720)
• Germany
22 Apr 10
It does not work overnight. You have to build respect for yourself. Like you would learning a new friend. Your parents are right. If you don't believe in yourself , neither will anyone else. Why should they? You don't. That is how it works with respecting yourself too. Why should anyone respect you, when you don't respect yourself? Take care.
@ruperto (1552)
• Philippines
22 Apr 10
interesting... It seems believing in one's self 100% can go a long way. But it seems the goals we may set are about three types: - (A)a goal that relies on our attitude... - (B)a goal that relies on the attitude of others .... - (C)a goal that has no correlation to what we or others believe. It seems type-A goals are the likes of studying hard no matter how inferior we are mentally. It works just to believe. One becomes a genius if one believes and therefore work hard enough. It seems type-B goals are the likes of going on a hunger strike for a worthy cause. If the people in control get emotionally affected, we may get what we want. Finally it seems type-C goals are mainly beyond what we can indiviually or socially achieve. I would be more prayerful for these types of goals... But then again perhaps I can use a cup of strong coffee :) Cheers
@sender621 (14956)
• United States
22 Apr 10
No matter what life throwa your way don't lose faith. Always keep the power to believe in yourself. No strength is greater than the ability you ve in yourself and your accomplishments. Success can be measured so many ways. It may not come quickly, but if you believe, it will come.