PROBLEMS... and alcohol

April 22, 2010 7:56pm CST
mom and i were talking a while back... she was reprimanding my uncle for not visiting my aunt (his wife) in the hospital for an entire day and instead making himself drunk. apparently my uncle said that there are so many problems going on in the business... then after a few words, he said that what if his wife died the moment he brought her to the hospital? what about their kids?? there were so many concerns and he opted to deal with them through making himself drunk. a life without problem would have been nice but i don't think it's worth living it... if everything would go well and right, i believe that it won't be fun.. we won't be experiencing the pleasure of overcoming the walls in our lives and all that... what about you? how do you deal with problems? do you resort to alcohol too? does it really help?
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