What is the meaning of the STAR above your picture and nickname in Mylot?

April 23, 2010 12:13am CST
Hello, my lotters, I am a newcomer.I do not understand what the STAR above your picture stands for? How to get it? Thanks, have a nice day!
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@Hatley (164652)
• Garden Grove, California
23 Apr 10
the star shows your rating, how us mylotters rated your postings, and you will get one after you have completed so many points. for real information you should have read the guidelines and rules for discussions and the TOS before starting any discussions also the questions and answers as the answer to this question and most any others you have is alread answered there. because you did not evem bother to read the rules of discussions you have broke one in this discussion and mylot admin may delete as one of the rules is do not make discussions of the meaning of the star when its already answered in the questions and answers.sorry. so read the rules and save your discussions from being deleted.
• China
26 Apr 10
Dear Hatley, I really neglected the study of rule and guidelines so far, thanks for your kindly reminding.Have a nice day!
@carmelanirel (20979)
• United States
23 Apr 10
They encourage you to search their guidelines and FAQ for questions like this because there are many posts with your same question. But I will answer for you, but be careful, if you keep posting similar posts, they might get deleted. You get the star when you hit 100 posts, you are at 27 now, so you got a while before you see your star. The number you see on others is depends on how many times their posts or replies get a positive or negative from other mylotters..The higher the number, mean they have more positive than negative.. In reality, I never consider or worry about it, it has nothing to do with your posts or replies, and sometimes you will get a troll, someone who will rate you negative just to be mean..But it doesn't affect your earnings..
• China
26 Apr 10
Hi, dear Carmelanirel, thank you very much for your clear explaination on this issue, I will try harder to work for my own star.Have a nice day!My friend!