Have you ever been to Israel and how was your trip ?

Hong Kong
April 23, 2010 8:00am CST
Israel is an ancient country in the Bible and it is so special according to the Bible.I have never been ther but if I have an opprtunity,I would love to.But as everybody knows that there will always be war going on in this place and which area will be more safe to travel in Israel.Are there any good place that you must go in Israel and are there anyway,we can go there by train or by bus?What do we need to be more aware of if we want to travel to Israel.Share with me if you know about this?
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
25 Apr 10
I've never had the opportunity to visit Israel, but I would like to have that opportunity at some point during my life. There are many things that are holding me back right now and the most major one is the conflict there. I don't know that the conflict will ever come to an end, but if it does then I would like to be able to visit. My cousins had the opportunity to visit Israel when they were younger and they say that it was a great experience.
• Panama
25 Apr 10
1`We are in the same boat. I have never been to ISRAEL, but I have it in my future planning to visit there soon.Here are my suggestions to you.First, check with the Israeli Embassy.They will tell your the places of interest to see - Birth place of Jesus,The 'Underground Temple, JERUSALEM ,etc. That's what I have in mind to see. It best to travel with a group, then you would have a ' Tour Guide ' to make your stay more enjoyable. Good luck and enjoy your stay.
@danipay (33)
• Bulgaria
24 Apr 10
No I never have been in Israel but I want to trip. I see photos and I think that beautiful. My friend to set in Israel and they think is fantastic. Soon for example in summer think to travel in Israel. Hopefully stay happy. :)
@caliya (1175)
• Philippines
23 Apr 10
I have not been to Israel. I would to travel there too but because of the conflict that is going on right now in Israel, I am a little bit apprehensive. I just hope that the conflict there and in the rest of the world will be resolved so we will live in a peaceful world.