Have you ever seen someone who can play with a dolphin ?

Hong Kong
April 24, 2010 7:38am CST
I always hope that I can play with the dolphin someday.The dolphins are such great frineds and they are so smart as well.I once tried to visit New Zealand and played with the dolphin in ChristChurch of that country.Unfortunatelt their dolphins are the smallest in the world and they were so shy that they seldom came up to the sea surface.It took the tourist boat for an hour to find them and we only saw them twice in very short period of time.I don't think it was a very excited experience for me but still I am longing to meet them in the future.How about you? Share with us.
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
26 Apr 10
I've never had the opportunity to play with dolphins up until this point of my life. However, this is one of my biggest dreams. I would love to plan a trip to one of the places in Florida that will allow you to swim with the dolphins. The reason that I want to do this is because I've had a great love of dolphins since I was a young woman and I think that I would really enjoy the opportunity to be one with nature in that type of way.
• Philippines
24 Apr 10
I know someone working at a sea animals zoo. She takes care of dolphins. She said that dolphins are really playful in nature. Whenever she feeds them during their breaks they do tricks and play with her.
• Philippines
24 Apr 10
no i have not seen someone yet who can with dolphins and i hope i can someday... i have only seen in televisions...