3 THINGS to take with you on a desert island.What would you pick?

@alinka (184)
April 24, 2010 12:58pm CST
Heard it alot of times and made you think about it?Me too! Actually the psychologists came up with this question because the answers reflect someone's priorities in life.You must think about three things, not persons,that your survival could depend on them. The first three essential things we need to survive is water, food and a shelter but thinking better about it ,we realise that taking straight food and water,one moment we would run out. I would take a magnifying glass(for fire,good in case of rain and never run out),an hachette and a sleeping bag, although i admit i'm still thinking about the third one,the sleeping bag.I think i could take something more useful. How about you?What would you pick to take with you on a desert island and why?