paid online games

April 24, 2010 11:42pm CST
Will you pay to play world of warcraft and star trek online
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@undiesman (175)
• Malaysia
25 May 12
No.Definitely no.I would pay if the currency exchange wasnt so ridiculously high.But still,these game definitely have content.I would pay IF i had the money.Right now,nope.not paying.
@undiesman (175)
• Malaysia
11 Jun 10
Currently i havent earn a stable income to be able to pay monthly. Heard games like this are very addictive although i havent tried it out myself yet. So the answer is no,i wont.
@xtedaxcvg (3190)
• Philippines
3 May 10
I'm already playing World of Warcraft and I've been paying to play the game for 5 years now. I'm very satisfied with what Blizzard is doing to this game so I'm not bothered by the monthly fee. I'm currently offline and it's been I think 2 months now since I last paid. It's because of my hectic work schedule and my family life so I don't have enough time to squeeze the game in.
• Bulgaria
30 Apr 10
I tried World of Warcraft free trial, but I didn't saw why the people pay for it. I played Talisman Online which is like it, but was more fun and FREE game (no free trial).
@youless (93486)
• Guangzhou, China
26 Apr 10
There are quite a lot of free games via the net. This is why I don't want to play the online games which need to pay. Besides, I am not very interested in Warcraft and Star Trek, and I already lost my interest to them because they will charge me. I love China