Inter vs Barcelona at Camp Nou

April 28, 2010 1:59am CST
Today the football lovers are going to witness an amazing display of football from two top clubs in Europe. Inter having won the first leg is enjoying an upper hand and with Wesley Sneijder back, they are going to be a tough nut to crack. But nobody can dare to underestimate Barcelona and that too at camp nou.
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@akuler (3539)
• Malaysia
28 Apr 10
Hi abhishek, This game would see how Barcelona fare when they were under pressure. Barcelona always have an advantage when they play a knockout stage before. Either they have a goal advantage or hole the opponent to a draw when they play away. But this time Barcelona has a two goals down from the first leg and their opponent is not a small club either. Barcelona also need to over come the tactical assault from "The Special One". Inter Milan might has a good lead but when they need to face a prestigious club like Barcelona, it might only a small advantage. Everyone knew how Barcelona can transform their chance to a goal and they were definitely on the high mood now since they were leading the Spain league and have an opportunity to make another history. There is no club manage to retain the Champion League trophy before and this is a bog chance for Barcelona to do it this year. Barcelona also has a personal motivation to do well in Champion League this season. Champion League final would e held at Bernabeu Stadium, home of their arch rival, Real Madrid. It would be a big blow to Real Madrid president, players, management and fans if Barcelona lift the Champion League trophy in front of them at their own stadium. It would be an embarrass moment more then if they lift the La Liga title at the same manner. Even though Inter Milan hold two goals advantage, Barcelona only need to win this game by two nil score to qualify for the final because they have a away goal advantage. They score a goal at San Siro during the first leg game. We can see a different Barcelona from the one who play in the first leg. No different in term of players because most of them would play again this time but they would be freshen because they did not need to travel for nearly a 1,000 kilometer like what they need to do last week. They also play at their own turf and now the pitch condition well. It is not like at San Siro when they said that the turf is not good for a short passing game. So, every thing is still to play for this time. And it would be great if we could see both team employ the offensive style of play. It is quite boring if only one team want to play but the other team just want to waste the time and finish the game as soon as possible. Good luck for both team and let the best team win.
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28 Apr 10
I'm really looking forward to this game. I don't support either team, but have seen both play during the season. Both have some great players and with the ball really being in Barca's court they have to make an impression right from the start and hopefully it will be a really good game with lots of goals. I can't see Mourinho going there to defend, they'll be looking for that all-important away goal too.
29 Apr 10
What a shame it failed to live up to its billing. Inter did go there with the intention of defending and sitting on their lead (not that you can blame him). Barca went forward but failed to make any real impression in the final 3rd as Inter soaked it up.
@pumared (515)
• Bulgaria
5 May 10
it will be the big scenary
@tuniobg (122)
• Bulgaria
28 Apr 10
Although I suuport Barca today I will be with Inter.My favourite team was Chelsea.Tonight Inter is my favourite.Blue is my colour.Levski is the Champion.
@skysuccess (8881)
• Singapore
28 Apr 10
abhishek111, This is definitely a clash of the titans match and I am expecting a draw or an upset by Inter. Coach Mourinho's mind games and cunning tactical line ups is really something to be reckon with. Without a doubt, Barcelona may be favorites at home Nou Camp but let's not forget the upsets Inter had been pulling so far. Also, Barcelona will be without key players Iniesta and Puyol who are really vital for this big game. Inter just looks like the better team with options and balance, so I am expecting either a draw or upset tonight - nothing short.