prankin on me!!!...omg..i found it later...!!!!

@vishkris (205)
April 30, 2010 2:19am CST
hi mylotters today i was talkin with my sister in law..while chatting she said that she is not bro is always scolding n beating her always..soon i got disappointed n askd her what was the problem..she said daily he scolds her without any reason..i asked her not to cry n askd her to adjust with him...i was defending my brother a lot...n askd her to adjust ..finally i got some bad words from tht gtalk...suddenly i got a mess that its my bro talkin..i got scared adn shocked..n finally they said me "april fool" holy ****... my bro pranked me..i scolded him badly n left out the chat...he called me n convinced me.. so have u experienced any kinda prank like this?
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@Hatley (164806)
• Garden Grove, California
2 May 10
hi vishkris that is not a funny April fools joke, wife beating is never funny and you could have made some serious trouble for them byu calling the police or what not, what on earth was your sister in law thinking. I can hear battered women all over saying that is a cruel and sick April fool joke what if you had called in the police, they would be so embarrassed and you would feel bad. shame that was not funny. I saw George who is head of the residents here pull a similar unfunny april fool joke on Jess, a friend. He told Jess he should get right on the bus and go see his mom, she was taken to the hospital, as she had been hurt in a car accident. he s aid all this with a sober face and jess turned pale and started to get up then George yelled April Fool.well I sure did not think it funny but Jess laughed and put it past.Me, I would have been so angry, having first been so worried and scared. why do people do non funnyjokes on April Fools day?
• Philippines
30 Apr 10
i wish not. never in my family experienced somethinglike this. this is a serious matter especially including in-laws. there are jokes to tell but pranks like this is simply desperate.