Who is the best person of making money?

April 30, 2010 6:14am CST
Nowadays there is more and more pressure of survival, and more and more people who want to earn good money. But few people really make it true. Maybe making money is a tough thing. The way of being rich is not as easy as it looks like or talked about. However, when we pay our attention to the rich people, it can be found that the rich people are minority, but they are take charge of enormous asset. I am sure there is some special reason for this. So if we can find some people who are best at making money, and discover the secret and principle, then follow their steps, maybe we can make ourselves another rich people. Is it possible? So would you like to tell me who is the best person of making money you think and what is his or her successful experience and secret?
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@mythociate (15963)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
20 Jul 11
The best person of making money? A bank-worker, especially at 'First Commercial Bank, Oklahoma' ("Search the Web"), but really anyone associated with the Federal Reserve Bank. Because all money (in America) IS a loan from the bank ... oh, maybe you "earned" it from someone else; but either they took it as a loan from a bank, or they earned it from someone who took it as a loan from the bank, or they earned it from someone who earned it from someone who took ... all the way to when it was originally taken as a loan from the Federal Reserve (probably by someone who was starting a bank!)
• United States
30 Apr 10
I have been earning online for 10 years. I am really not concerned with what others make as this is of a personal nature. I am concerned with building my own monthly income. The steps I use are posted at the top of my blog... Do Your Research - Be Dedicated - Stay Focused - Have Discipline I honestly believe that anyone can earn nicely online by following these basic principles. People just need to decide how they want to earn...there are many methods...then they need to set a monthly earning goal...then they need to takes steps EVERYDAY to reach their goal. Have a great weekend
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
17 Jun 10
You are very inspiring workingmom50, I have seen you reply to several discussions in clever ways when it comes to these issues. And I think the steps you mentioned, make a lot of sense, I will try to start following them a bit better myself!
@dksemke (66)
• United States
2 May 10
There are a lot of weathly people out there and you will find they all have the same qualities in common. The two most important are COMMITTMENT and CONVICTION. Committment means you are bound to a course of action. You identify what you want to do then learn how to do it.(example: you want to own rental properties for income) Read and study about it, take seminars...learn all you can from every source possible so you can create your plans and goals. Conviction means you are certain about what you want to achieve and you don't waver from your plans and goals. Within these 2 qualities you find the behaviors of the wealthy. They save FIRST, then turn their savings into investments that can grow their money faster. They don't ever feel "entitled" to anything. You think, "I deserve this vacation" or a new DVD" whatever it is. That kind of thinking keeps you from your goals. Most wealthy people worked very hard and sacrificed to keep to their goals. It's not rocket science and it's no secret.
• Indonesia
30 Apr 10
there are many, but still minority among us. an example, robert kiyosaki. he become rich because he chose to be rich. i learned from him through his books about making money and become rich. one easy way, yet risky is money investing. own several assets like property, and get passive income. sounds great! but only few people are brave enough to do this, and those people are rich.