look at what you are seeing

@savypat (20246)
United States
May 2, 2010 8:34am CST
How often do you really look at what you are seeing? I'll bet it's not nearly as much as you think. This is why people can be put into a trance and will be able to tell much more of what they have seen then they would if awake. I have been taking a painting class and it has reminded me of watching and seeing. In this case light and the way it changes constantly. How much of your world do you see?
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@paula27661 (15899)
• Australia
3 May 10
I used to walk past buildings, flower beds etc every morning and not even notice what colour they were, I used to rush past on the way to the bus stop and did the same on the way home. It wasn’t until I left work and was no longer on such a tight schedule that I began to take leisurely walks and take the time to look at things; it was amazing what I had missed! You know now that I take the time to ‘see’ I don’t ever want to go back to blindly rushing through life!
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@barehugs (8986)
• Canada
2 May 10
I'm wondering if anyone actually sees what actually is? For instance the grass is not really green - it just looks that way as it reflects the green from the spectrum. Dogs for instance do not see red, their eyes do not distinguish that color.Honeybees too do not see red, which is why there are so very few red flowers in nature. Hummingbirds pollinate red flowers that have grown and flourished without help from Honeybees.Nothing is, as it seems! Your body is made up of atoms that are as distant from each other, accordingly, as the Planets in the Universe. This being the case your arm is not solid at all- in fact if your eyes were sharper you could see right through your arm!
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@picjim (3003)
• India
2 May 10
I feel we look at a lot of things but because we find them unappealing it probably doesn't register in our mind.What you say is correlated by those in hypnosis.For several reasons we ignore what we see or we have our own choices to discard what we find unappealing.I think the painting classes are highlighting the effect of lighting and observing keenly to put on canvas what you see.I see quite a lot but for my own reasons and prejudices only that which i find interesting is stored away for future use.
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@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
4 May 10
Not nearly enough. I am usually focused on one or two things, and miss everything else...