When Beaches attack

By Amy
Abernathy, Texas
May 2, 2010 12:11pm CST
I was watching this show on I think Discovery Channel, When beaches attack. Wow, not only is theree the threat of lightning strikes, rip tides, tsunamis - but there is bacteria (some caused by dogs defacating) like chagall, ecoli and salmonella. We live on an island in Corpus Christi, Texas and our beach has no lifeguards - and they don't run flags like other beaches to warn of jellyfish and such. Oh that's the other thing - there can be sea lice that get into your bathing suits - mostly on the east coast I guess. They get trapped. They advise to take off your suit immediately after returning home - and washing it in the washer - right away...and taking a shower. You need to wash you and your suit in soap. These bacteria and lice can cause embarrassing rrash - the lice - where ever yoyur swim suit is - sinus infection, pnuemonia, nausea, diarreah and more. Since we don't have lifeguards, don't know if we have people testing every day like on east coast beaches. They showed people who had been struck by lightening - they did give statistics on all have died for specific threats but you'll have to watch. Oh and for rip tides - they say - relax - don't panic - it is not too large and won't take you out to sea and when it slows, swim parallel to the sea which kind of confused me. And you know there will be a tsunami if you their are dramatic changes - if the tide seems to have receded - far - fast - and if you see fish flopping - get the heck out of their - FAST! Not sure but think panhandle is in the ring of fire. One big threat is for those who bring plastic loungers into the ocean and fall asleep and float out to sea. Nature can be awesome and deadly. I guess this reminds us to respect her!
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• India
29 May 10
We are playing with mother nature and the enviornment no doubt, she is giving us warning of the consequenes, it is we who will suffer, none else.. Thanks for sharing. Welcome always. Cheers. Prof
• Abernathy, Texas
5 Jun 10
Um, although I certainly agree that we are not treating our world with respect - all of the things mentioned would occur with or without people in the world. And as for earthquakes - we have more sensitive equipment now and we have more media attention but as for the number of earthquakes getting larger...its about the same. We've had devasting earthquakes before - but again - more equipment, more media and larger cities, bigger populations to be effected and poor building codes make it more devasting.
• Abernathy, Texas
5 Jun 10
thanks for joining in my conversation professor!
@jillhill (37383)
• United States
2 May 10
For sure! Mother nature has a way of reminding us that she needs to be taken seriously!
• Abernathy, Texas
3 May 10
I'm in Texas and there was actually an earthquake - 4.0 near here. I think alot of people are fearful of news of so many devasting earthquakes. Really though its a combination of instruments that are more advanced and sensitive, wider news coverage - and bigger cities with bigger populations with poor building codes. But I digress! I guess that's what happens in ture discussions though.