Ever seen people that think a review site is a direct line to contact a company

@vivasuzi (4125)
United States
May 6, 2010 11:57am CST
I write at a few review sites, so I've seen this many times. People will write on the message board, or write a review, and in it they are obviously trying to contact the company. They apparently think that the review site is the place to contact the company. Just now on my review site I saw a discussion board started for Quicken Loans "I would like to know the status of my loan. My name is xxx and my account number is xxx." I had to laugh. This guy thinks posting on a review site is how he finds out about his Quicken Loan. Are review sites really that foreign to people that they don't understand them? Do these people really think someone from Quicken Loans is going to come to this discussion board to help them? Why is it that people don't seem to kno they should go directly to the company site - i.e. QuickenLoans.com for help? The internet has been around for years, so I'm surprised to see people still get confused about this. Have you ever seen this type of thing happen? Do you ever see it here on Mylot? What could it be that makes people think they are talking to the company directly when really they are just on a review site or message board?
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@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
6 May 10
I have no had that happen, but I have asked people what they think of a subject and I did sometimes express that I wished there was someone from the company who was also a member of the review site. The latter, however, was wishful thinking. I would assume that if there were someone who was in the manufacturing process of the item being reviewed, that no one would believe them as they are already prejudicial for that item. Besides is not a review site for those who are trying out the item and giving their opinions? I do get my opinions of items from review sites and here. For instance, if there are so many negative and few positives, I do not buy it. But I would not expect someone from the company to go to a review board and join it unless he was spying.