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May 6, 2010 11:25pm CST
My reason of posting discussion here is for me to learn because I don't have anybody to ask question and find good friends! and it is open to people who wants to reply on it BUT it doesn't mean asking YOU to reply on it!!! nor it becomes a debt to you, right? you reply to me because you want to talk or share with me. right? there are thousand of good discussion here for learning wish I could reply all but I couldn't reply because I am juggling with my time facing problem created by people and with my computer keep on crashing..that's why I am posting question here because this is the only way I could find answer..! am I doing wrong? With my very disappointing in-law, computer crashing, my baby, doing household chores and etcc..stuff..I could hardly rest for a while..wheew..! but I am doing fine. everything is alright..just sometimes life is unfair..!
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@Hatley (164450)
• Garden Grove, California
7 May 10
hi inday lorna No you are not doing a thing wrong, at all. a nice discussion and I have the honor of being your first responder so thats fine too. sounds like you like a lot of mylotters here have a busy life too. A baby alone takes some precious time then house 'work too. but relax when you mylot and leave your troubles stowed' away in a throw away bag, and just have fun here. I know about computer problems too as I have had my share, I have a dreaded blue screen i have to bypass every darned day til my son can come along to visit me. lol.He is my goto guy for computer problems.
• United States
7 May 10
I am glad you have that way of thinking my friend!! thanks a lot. I know I am not alone having trouble or how busy in life though it is normal just sometime we need to stay away from aggrevating kind of people we stumble in our way! Good you have goto guy with your computer problems BUT i don't have that's why I post questions here. Happy mother's day to you!