hypocrites hating hate music

@maxen07 (887)
May 7, 2010 7:55pm CST
I've heard a lot of music artists being protested by other people because they claim that the music becomes a bad influence on their kid. I think there's a lot of b.s. in that because they need to look at themselves and their actions first and the actions of people nearest their kids before judging artists like Eminem. They should ask themselves why these kind of music appeals to their kids. People are always looking for other people they could look up to and I guess when kids don't know how to cope with difficult situations, they cope by imitating other people whom they thought of have gone through the same things they're going through.
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@LifeGuru (923)
• Canada
10 Jun 10
Yeah, I feel whatchu mean. My parents had no control of what so ever with the stuff I listen to, but I seen other parents who says don't listen to this sht or that sht etc, because that artist is like this blah blah blah... -.-" Like gimme a break, people will listen to some songs hate songs especially like you said - dont know how to cope with difficult situations. It's kinda like the artist speaking out to them. =/ I use to listen to eminem a lot when I was younger and there's words in his lyrics of some of his songs that I can totally relate myself when I'm going through some tough messed up times before. I do that with other artists too, since I do have a wide variety in taste of music. Why doesn't some people just let things be right? Rather than just yacking and yacking about what people should and should not do if it's harmless? I bet when they were younger THEY TOO had some sort of music that they listened to when they were upset, frustrated, sad, depressed, alone, lost, scared, pissed off or just simply went through an "I hate you" phase. ^^