Love, sacrifice and religion

@advokatku (3997)
May 8, 2010 8:10pm CST
I am sure you all are familiar that there is love there is also sacrifice. This thing can't be separated from the appreciation of love and the purpose of our love. Although many oaths in the name of love is a bit irrational but can not be blamed for many cost justify and almost certainly all men would justify or approve it even though he himself would not necessarily do the things that became the oath of love. Maybe you personally would say in your heart, "Aaah ... it was silly, I will never do sacrifice like that." Although you can't justify to yourself but in practice you can't blame the perpetrators because you by in your heart has admit that the feeling of satisfaction in achieving goals should there sacrifice. Now, are you can blame if there someone who you respect said: "For my love, my religion also I'm sacrificed! If wealth, occupation, position, throne and my soul had sacrificed for love, so what weight for me to also sacrifice my religion because the woman who be my love does not trust with my religion". please explain your reason if you can blame ...