Which Supplement is best for gaining Good muscles and chest means gaining body

May 10, 2010 1:52pm CST
Hi I want to have good physics and I tried many supplement and I am dissapointed . Could You tell me that which is best for gaining good body . which will cost me at affordable price and do not harm my body.
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• Spain
10 May 10
Try Creatine ethyl Esther. this is far better than whey protein or eating a pound of chicken everyday. also there is no risk, it helps out a lot, if you workout a lot and just want more muscle creatine is the right choice.
• India
10 May 10
How much It will cost to me . well I have little thin body and I wanna look good means I want to have good chest , waist and muscles so it will work because I tried other supplement which was useless for me plz tell me and how much it will cost to me
• United States
30 Jan 13
i used to take supplements alot but they are expensive and i noticed that just eating healthy food and staying on a frequent intense exercise routine will work better. unless your taking something that will effectively and quickly react to the food you eat. taking supplements such as creatine or fat burners (like hydroxycut hardcore).
@BART78 (2932)
• Canada
25 May 10
when it comes to gaining lean muscles mass, most people think that bodybuilding supplements are the most important part of the equation, however, this could not be any furthe from the truth, bodybuilding supplements are just addition to an already good nutrition and traning program, nutrition and training are the most important components of a bodybuilding program, with rest and recovery next to them, once all of thoe aspects of your program ar maximized, then lyou can start thinking of adding supplements to your program, please understand that supplements do not make up of improper training, or lack thereof, or a low quality diet, bodybuilding supplements only work when your diet and your training program are optimal, here are basic supplements you need to consider: multi-vitamins/vitamin-C protein powders(whey: isolate/hydrowhey-fast; concentrate-slow/basic; casein-super slow, egg albumin, soy protein, milk) amino acid EFA (essential fatty acids like flax seed oil, fish oil, extra virgin olive oil) ZMA (testosterone booster) creatine L-glutamine ...
• China
10 May 10
Proteins is very important for gaining muscle. So everyday you should take high protein food. Take your food timely. Drink water more. Because water also necessary for healthy body. You can also join gym. Then they will give you some tips for gaining muscle.
@max1950 (2313)
• United States
10 May 10
whey protein powder, but as in all supplements side effects should be checked first, and none taken in to large a dose at once. for muscle gain any exercise should be done "not" on a daily routine but give the muscles time to stretch and enlarge, break up your routine, do abs one day, biceps the next, triceps the next then back to abs etc. also read the back of the label throughly as some cause liver and kidney damage, kidney stones etc. when taken in to large a dose. met rx is also a great supp. but take it carefully and read directions
@katsmeow1213 (29043)
• United States
10 May 10
You don't need supplements.. just eat a balanced diet, make sure you're getting plenty of proteins and good carbs, and get regular exercise. And don't expect results overnight.. that never happens! You have to work hard to achieve your goals. I've been working out for 6 months and have been noticing that I'm getting very muscular. I have muscles showing that I never knew existed! Most of that is from a class I take on Tuesdays which really concentrates on weights. We do a lot of low weight, high reps.. which is good for girls. Guys want to do higher weights to build, I'm just trying to tone.. mostly for fat loss. I never meant to get muscular, but I'm really proud of the muscles I have.