From what age you start to have a memory?

May 10, 2010 8:49pm CST
What is the first thing you can remember in your life? How old were you when it happened? i start my memory from that year,my grandpapa died.i can remember the scene i kneeled down in front of the coffin,with some strange coloured stick hold in my my side were my brothers and sisters. i can remember another thing in that is in the hospital,my mama lay in bed,i feel afraid because she is bleeding alot.i did't know what happened.when i get older,i told mama about this,mama was very suprise i can remember that so early thing.she told me i was only three years old then.
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@Hatley (164468)
• Garden Grove, California
11 May 10
hi geqiandeyu my first memory was when I w as about two years old and my mom was digging up peanut plants to harvest the peanuts, and as fast she would dig them up I was putting them back in the ground til she saw what I was doing and stopped me , laughing as she again took the plants outof the ground, and said, no no you little monkey.When I was older and told her about remembering she was amazed as she said I was not quite two years old. So my memory was more pleasant than yours.
• China
11 May 10
Haha that is funny .I also have a very pleasant early memories.At that time I was a pre-school, before going to sleep one night, I took a deck of cards to play, there is an picture of orchid on that card,its leaves are broken, but is still green, still in beautiful flower.under the picture there is a idiom about "indomitable"(in Chinese).I read the idiom correctly, and my father just heard,he was pleased and ask me,do you know what that word mean? I said,is it meaning very strong even face many difficulties?Dad was so happy , lift me up,and said, how smart my son is!
• Philippines
11 May 10
i think from 4 years old i can remember everything that i've done those times.. i remember i when i drank spoiled milk and it tastes very bad.. :) and also when i pee on my pants when i was in diapers.. my childhood is very fun.. :)