I always dream of having twins as daughters or sons.

May 10, 2010 10:52pm CST
I married after college grad and had a son. It was eight years ago and I wish I had other babies. My son is already 8 now and he longed to have a brother or a sister. I still have other priorities at work and I just wish I had twins so that I don’t worry anymore about having other son or daughter anymore. My husband and I planned to have another member of our family later this year. Do you dream of having twins too?
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@Hatley (164485)
• Garden Grove, California
11 May 10
hi flagella08 I had never dreamed of having twins, but I got so big during my pregnancy that everyone thought I was going to have twins but it never happened. darn I only had one baby a long legged little boy baby . Then 11 months late I had a girl but it was a bad delivery she did not get oxygen when she needed it and by the time they got her to breathe she was brain damaged, but she was very pretty and a happy child who loved everyone and everyone loved her and could not believe she was brain damaged but she was. she had the mental ability of a five year old and that was about as far as she would develop according to the doctors, but we lost her at age eight to pneumonia. but we did have her for 8 sweet years.You never ever expect to lose a child.This was very hard but now its been many years so the edges of grief are gone. she would be 49 is she had lived.,
11 May 10
I am so sorry to hear that! I think yr daughter will be happy and proud of you .She will understand that you are best parents!In her life she can feel yr warm and care though her brain was damaged!Best wishes to you!
• India
11 May 10
Oh yes, this is so true for me too. Hubby and me were college mates so we too got married immediately after grads when we landed our respective jobs. Its been more than 13 years now and our only son will be 11 this July…like you, I too wished to have another baby (I guess its our strong maternal instincts, present in every woman) and like you, I always had other priorities like holding on to the job so that our finances become secure. Yes, having a twin would have been wonderful really…you know what, people who have twins with one boy and one girl are the luckiest!