Do you think homosexuals should be allowed to show acts of affection in public?

May 14, 2010 2:43pm CST
In certain parts of the world homosexual behaviours are accepted. Last week I saw a homosexual couple not only kissing in public but exchanging romantic emotions. Now, do you think this should be allowed to happen?
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• South Korea
27 May 10
I dont know in your case,,, but in my case i have free democratic country... so i dont really care to those people around me.... whatever they are doing specially showing public display of affection.... its their life..and i dont even know them... except if i saw them killing each other... yes i would probably care... But in these day theres still lots of people who wants to gossip and not minding their own business... and its natural to us... but lets come and think of it... sometimes its better not to get into someones business:)
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
26 May 10
I believe that as long as heterosexual people are able to exchange affection in public, then homosexual people should be able to do this as well. In my opinion, a person that is homosexual isn't able to make their own decision about their sexuality, so they should not have to face ridicule in public because they wish to be affectionate in public. Now, if it was to be outlawed, then I think that a male/female couple should not be able to show affection in public either.
@kedralynn (992)
• United States
25 May 10
I personally don't want to see a heterosexual couple making out in public so I'd feel the same for a homosexual one. I don't have a problem with holding hands or quick little kisses. It's when it's a little too hot and heavy for the people around you. I believe in being polite when I'm out with my partner. We hold hands and hug and he'll kiss my forehead but we'll leave the other stuff for when we get home. I like to think equally for both heterosexuals and homosexuals. I don't care if they want to hold hands and be a cute couple. But I'd prefer not having to watch them make out and grope each other in a restaurant where my kids are trying to eat.
@ruakawa (35)
• Indonesia
15 May 10
well.. for some people or country homosexual is not normal. so it depends on the individual and how we see and act the difference. actually for me, i fell strange to see homosexual couple doing that stuff in public.
@lilyrayne (107)
• United States
14 May 10
I see nothing wrong with two people that care for each other exchanging their affection in public. It is my opinion that mutual love is beautiful and being that is so rare in our world we should let love grow wherever it can!
• United States
14 May 10
Well there's even a limit to what heterosexual couples can do in public, so what kind of behaviors are you talking about in this discussion? Holding hands, hello/goodbye kisses, sitting together...if that's what you mean then yeah. If other people can do it then it is their right to do it.
14 May 10
Why not? I'm don't have nothing too homosexual couple. They don't doing nothing what may hurt you so why they can show his love. I'm very tolerant person till somebody to hurt nobody, can do what he wish doing. That is my opinion. If they will by heterosexual couple do you will catch one's eye on them?
@chillpill90 (1937)
14 May 10
Yeah i think there is nothing wrong with it if you start having a problem with it then soon people will frown when a dad and a son hug or when a mum and daughter do because unless you know there related you might assume there gay.