Game Vance Has reversed! Were You One of Them?

United States
May 15, 2010 11:00am CST
I'm sure there are alot of you that are members of gpt sites. Have you noticed the bid thing about game vance and sushi reversing the credits? The site i'm on had this happen and there are many members who are now in the negative! Although I never played the games several of my referrals did and there for I lost money as well, about 7.00 for me so I can only imagine how much my referrals lost. It wasn't any of the sites fault but the affiliates who bought the offers to place on the sites. There was micommunication on how the games were to be handled and how many could be played to earn from. It has turned into a mess and affected almost everyone in some way or another. Our admin lost 1,000's and all because after 2 months these advertisers decided to do reversals. I think it's horrible that they be able to do this. I just hope everyone tries to stay positive. I don't know what they're doing to help members at all sites but at mine they are putting out some pretty easy offers to try to help members earn back what they lost, they even raised out daily clicks there to about 50 ads! Were you one of the ones that was affected by this, did you play the games yourself or was it through your referrals? I hope no one went too far into the negative. Keep your chins up and don't give up, most of these gpt sites are truly great sites and much better earning then ptc's. Good luck to all and hope to hear some positive responses.
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@13tyates (1610)
• United States
15 May 10
I was one of the members of this GPT site and I had done a lot of Came vance and Play sushi offers. Because of this I am now ten dollars in the hole! Also knowing the Admin of this site just had a baby is making me stay with the site because Admin lost thousands we will all have to keep doing more offers to get his money back! I am slowly coming up out of the red but it will take me a while! Oh well.... It is a great site and I will continue to stick with this site! Happy Mylotting!