Revelation - the interpretation

@chiwasaki (4661)
May 15, 2010 10:55pm CST
I'm really intrigue about the book of revelation. I just want to know your insights about the events stated there. I consider the beast itself very interesting, or the four horsemen of the apocalypse. I'm not just really sure if those events already happened or yet to happen.
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@flowerchilde (12547)
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16 May 10
I too am very intrigued about the book of revelation, so prayed and studied and got some good answers so wrote a book and published it on lulu dot com called "a nefarious pentagram". Basically the book of revelation/apocalypse talks about the whole latter age, or what I call the age of the years of our Lord A.D. - the seven seals are 1- Jesus with the bow and wreath of victory conquered the old 'gods' and his march goes on thruout the age, 2nd seal is war, and it is given a large sword, some interpretations say a long sword.. 3rd seal is shortage and famine a side effect of war, 4th seal is pestilences including chemical and is the mass grave wherever and whenever (word used here is hades/hell, but better translation is the grave).. these four of course are the four horsemen and they gallop because the seals or elements of this age are progressing. Here's and important point, there's a hidden seal, as in lock, here which hides much of the revelation vision and message, as each seal is described as a blend of what it is when the seal or element is opened or first appeared and what it is in its full blown form at the very 'end'.. the 5th seal is martydom, murder and that goes on during the age too and cries out to God like the blood of Abel. The sixth seal is way important as it's the opening of atomic warfare, this event is also rev 13:13, which brings me to my second important point in this summary, as this verse pinpoints where or what office the (final) anti-christ will appear in or from, whether when in office or after.. There are 2 beasts in rev 13, 1-10 is the/a world beast (or body) and 11-18 is a "man" or rather an office.. the world beast, like a beast of the past was, wasn't then was again, and the fire of 13;13 convinced the world to re-build the world beast.. The third point you might be interested in is rev chapter 12, which includes in it the usa, and most folks don't think the usa is in the book of revelation or even in bible prophecy (now does that make sense? no:) - chapter 12 starts with a woman clother with the sun with a halo of twelve stars, which of course refers to Israel as we can see a few verses down she is about to birth a "manchild" (the Son of man) and the dragon stood (in the person of Herod) trying to devour the manchild/Son of man/Jesus, but He was caught up to God and His throne, then the dragon was angry and pursued the woman (by razing Jerusalem in 70A.D., and the woman, now christianity, wearing the mantle of truth, ran, a 1st migration, largely to europe, there was war in heaven and the dragon is now denied access to the heavens, is angry and again chases/persecutes and inquisitions the woman, who is then given the two wings of an eagle that she may fly (sail) to a new place where she is kept safe from the FaCe of the dragon for 3 and a half modern divisions of time, the date on Plymouth Rock is 1620, 350 years later a flood/proliferation like vomit/smut is poured out after the woman by the serpent(guise of the dragon) as a means to wash her away, but!! the earth will open its mouth and swallow the flood, surely Joel's dry and smoky day and what Jesus was referring to when he was on his way to be crucified and said to some women "don't weep for me but for children's children, for if they will do this in a green leaf, what will do in a dry leaf?" (hence huge world-wide(?) drought, chapter) - after this, the dragon turns his attention back to the rest of the woman's children who have the commandments of God, and (by now) the testimony of Jesus.. and the nations are gathered to Armegeddon, surrounding Israel.. Well, there's lots more of course, but I figure I've babbled on for way long enough.. tho I never do get tired of this topic..
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16 May 10
...another thing of interest concerning bible prophecy is I believe daniel 12:11,12 says the notorious trib will last 45 days with the last "ten days" being the critical ones when the 666 apparatus escalates from no buying and selling to being killed/genocide. If you like riddles.. there's a definite sign daniel wrote to watch for, and then three and a half years later (of 30 day Hebrew months) is when 666 (the abomination that desolates) occurs and runs for 45 days.. the sign is the riddle, but I'm happy to write more if anyone is interested, but all my notifications are off (too much email).. the sign is Daniel 12 and Mathew 24:1 and 2. The riddle: whaT will be removed? (taken away) That's the sign. Also via daniel 12:11,12, there is no date ever for Jesus' return, but there is a calendar and counting of days, backwards!! same set of verses..