Do you often think before speaking or you speak without thinking?

@zandi458 (27884)
May 18, 2010 6:55am CST
With this God gifted brains, we should utilize it to full advantage to think before speaking. But how many times have you spoken words without thinking which ended in misunderstandings with others especially with someone close to you emotionally? I know it hurts but there are times when the frequency of the mind and the words that comes out from the mouth does not parallel. Like a glass of water, we like to drink pure, crystal clear water, and if the water is unclean, we would feel uncomfortable. We understand this for water but what about our minds? When our minds are clouded, the words we speak too are clouded. We don't always understand why we have said something. But when we see the impact of something we have said, we wish we had not uttered it, but then it is too late.