Can endometriosis grow into serious stage in years coming?

May 19, 2010 3:40am CST
Doctors said I m having endometriosis stage 1 and prescribed me to eat birth control pills since I don't want children. I m 29. My question is do you know will endometriosis can grow into severe stage that need operation? I don't want endometriosis to grow anymore. Stage 1 is fine. Crampings and bowel movement, bladder, n kidney is already enough. I can't take much pain. For your info, endometriosis is chronic disease that women have.
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@oldchem1 (8144)
19 May 10
I am so sorry that you have this horrid illness. Surgery is usually performed if you want to have children. The aim of surgery is to remove as much of the endometriosis as possible while still enabling you to have children. You may also need surgery if you have severe pain that isn't responding to painkillers or hormonal medicines, if the endometriosis is larger than 4 to 5cm (1.5 to 2 inches)or if the endometriosis is interfering with the normal workings of organs such as your bowel This is usually done by keyhole surgery. It could get worse with age, in some women, endometriosis gets better on its own, but for most, it gets worse without treatment.So I would be sure to accept any treatment offered. Good luck
• Malaysia
19 May 10
That's wat I m worrying. I m just 29 and still 11 to 15 years to come before getting menopause. I m now so scared that this pain I just can't take it anymore. But glad I have join some forum of this disease to discuss together and share about this. Just bad luck of mine...
@oldchem1 (8144)
19 May 10
I do hope that you soon feel better, maybe surgery would help, and keyhole surgery isn't too bad
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
21 May 10
I don't know that it will progress, but I do know that most of the people that I've known that have endometriosis only have surgery because they want to be able to have children. A couple of these people have been able to go on and have successful pregnancies. That said, with the pain and such that you are dealing with and knowing that you don't want to have children, is there a chance that you will be able to find a doctor that will perform a hysterectomy on you so that you won't have to deal with it anymore?