How many people logged into mylot?

May 19, 2010 1:40pm CST
Halo! :) I have a couple of questions!! How to check how many people are logged into mylot? Do you often check it?? Why do you check it?
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@owlwings (40006)
• Cambridge, England
19 May 10
There is no way of knowing how many people are logged on to MyLot at any one time, or whether any particular person is online or not. MyLot is not really that kind of social site because discussions can take place over several days and many time zones so the information is not really relevant.
• Pakistan
19 May 10
Thanks for the info! I believe, with computers, there is always a way around but it isn't that necessary. Is it?
@mysdianait (64155)
• Italy
19 May 10
There is no way to check exactly how many Lotters are actually logged on. You can see when they last logged on by looking at the bottom of their profile but even that is only an indication because some never log out You can see who recently posted by going to the 'recent' tab and looking at the username of the user who posted the last response on the most recent topic. I don't check it because I can't check it because there is nowhere to check it
• Pakistan
19 May 10
I guess, it was you, who told me to "Check logged...". :]
@LadyMarissa (12161)
• United States
20 May 10
I never check it!!! One of the things I like about myLot is that it doesn't tell everybody who is online. We are here to create & maintain discussions not just to socialize. Socializing while we work is just an added perk here. At the bottom left of this page it tells you how many members myLot has. If you go to an individual's profile page, it will tell you how long they have been a member here & when they last logged in. Of course, some people like me, NEVER log out. I use Firefox & I log in on a tab first thing in the morning. If I can't think of anything to say OR I can't find a discussion that interests me, I'll open a new tab & go off onto another site without logging off this one. I have been known to go into work & forget to log off. Or I might go shopping & not log off. Then some days I check back every so often to see what I missed. I don't find it necessary to know who is online!!!