Have you ever put something strange in your mouth?

@yspmyl (3438)
May 19, 2010 7:10pm CST
Do you have any experience that you ever put something strage in your mouth? I have this kind of experience that at once I have bought a drink, and like usual, I will just open the cover and straight away drink it. At that time, when I drink almost finish the whole bottle, I felt something in my mouth, and that kind of drink is not supposed to have anything solid in it. So the first things in my is...oh no, what is it? So I throw away everything, guess what is it? It is a lizard! Yuck! I still felt like vomiting when think if it now...so what is your experience, please share it in mylot.
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@Hatley (164465)
• Garden Grove, California
20 May 10
hi yspmyl yes I started to eat this baked potato and felt something thready in my mouth so I spat it out,it was a piece of red human hair. the waitress was upset with me as I asked her to warm up my baked potato as it was served stone cold.so the little witch must have clipped off a lock of her hair and buried it in my hot baked potato. we called the manager who fired miss red head on the spot so I finally got a clean hot baked potato and a free birthday dinner too.
@yspmyl (3438)
• Malaysia
20 May 10
Oh no, that was the most fear I have is to eaten a human hair, especially those short and curly hair..(You know where it come from, I guess..:)) I was once having my lunch in a restorant, and I am enjoying my food very much and when I am almost finish my food, there appear this short and curly hair at the bottom of my food..At that time I was vomiting like hell....then I asked the waitress to called the manager and scolded them. It is a quite famous restorant here but how could this thing can happen in such a famous restaurant.
• Philippines
20 May 10
I once put a cockroach in my mouth. I was drunk and it was a bet. My friends said that no one can put any insect in their mouth besides if they're not getting paid in a large sum like in fear factor. I disagreed but made a bet instead. It was a large sum so more or less, i still got paid. Lol. :)