The best band of all time..

May 25, 2010 9:22pm CST
I guess some of you might agree that The Beatles is one of the most influential bands of all time as most of their songs can still be heard from radio stations and generate more views in youtube.. But what made them famous? something in how they deliver their song is very unique and would captivate the attention of listeners that they are trying to tell you something, it might be from a funny lyrics or a bit serious melody.. what do you think?
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@allamgirl (2145)
• Philippines
26 May 10
i think it's because during their time, they were the new thing. nobody has come up with their type of music yet. so it was new and refreshing to their audience.
• Philippines
28 May 10
They are very unique and something in their music that would attract attention to the people.
@spalladino (17925)
• United States
26 May 10
I think what made them so famous was that Rock N Roll music was new and still developing when they came on the scene. They were fresh, with a different look and a different style that a lot of young people liked from the very first song they heard. Their music spoke of many things to many people and I think that's why they're still relevant today.