PC building advice?

@joniebee (182)
May 26, 2010 8:37am CST
Hi there,I have been trying to educate myself of late on how to build my own PC but i still think getting some advice from you people will be a great benefit.One of the most daunting things i would say is which parts to buy so they all match up and are of a high quality or performance level.So for my new PC i require it to be able to play the latest games without problems,An average hard drive will do,I don't need a huge amount of storage,Just ample.And when im on the net i like to have many tabs and windows open at the same time so i suppose that would come under multi tasking in the processor department and of course i want it to cost as little as possible,So at this point i would very much appreciate if anyone could advise of any specific parts to check out,Particularly video cards,Processors and hard drives,Thank you.
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@Christoph56 (1508)
• Canada
1 Jun 10
I really suggest going for a higher form of video card, the price will be a bit more, but you gotta remember, computer technology doubles every 18 months, and games are going to go along with it, so if you get a 512 meg videocard, it won't be long before it bites the dust, and you'll have to get a new one. Even with my 512 meg card, even GTA4 was playing a bit too slow for my liking...
• Singapore
27 May 10
hi there. if you want to build a good gaming pc. that would be quite expensive. but don't be afraid tough. There some workarounds if you still want to play latest games without dig deeper into your pocket. For processor I recommend buying from AMD rather than Intel. AMD Athlon II and Phenom is not that expensive as i5 or i7. But the trade off is of course you need more fans to cool off your CPU, because AMD generates heat faster than Intel. For graphic cards, I recommend anything ranging from 512MB - 1GB memory. Motherboard also cheaper if you use with AMD processor. For memory, kingston DDR 3 is quite ok for price and speed. For Harddrive, any cheap 500 Gb will do. So in my calculation should be around 600 - 750 US. Cheers..hope it helps
@knicnax (2234)
• Philippines
27 May 10
building a gaming PC is EXPENSIVE. your video card will cost you a fortune. The good ones are ranged from Php 5000 to Php 8000. (more than USD100.I have no idea about video cards much but I'd go for an ATI Radeon video card that has it's own dedicated RAM, fast FPS (frame rate per second, at least 60FPS) and great 3D rendering (triangles per second). As for your processor, i3 would do if you want it cheap, i5 for mid range, i7 for the best gaming experience. You could ask the shop where you'll buy the processor to provide you with a board. Asus and MSI boards are sturdy, but you could go for a generic one. Make sure that your FSB (front side bus) speed is fast (greater than 800MHZ), and your L2 cache is big (greater than or equal to 1024KB) Minimum memory (RAM) should be 4 GB. You can max it out at 8 (I don't know if boards can now support 16GB), DDR3 of course. use an LCD monitor for low power consumption. also dissipates less heat, doesnt cause frequent headaches due to prolonged use. your power supply should be able to provide a lot of electricity for your fast and powerful PC. have something at least at 500 watts. also buy an AVR to make the current of electricity flow in a "normal wave". DONT use wireless mouse and keyboard, you'll hate them when they use up their battery power in that most exciting part of the game. Wireless is also prone to interference which might degrade the quality of the connection of your input devices to your computer. Buy a gamepad suitable for your game Hope this helps you