finally, there is a viable alternative to ebay!

@irisheyes (4373)
United States
May 27, 2010 10:57pm CST
I've been selling off and on ebay for about eleven years. I was primarily a bookseler but I enjoyed picking up and selling antiques an collectibles. Seeral years ago I moved the book business to Amazon and it was a good move for a serious bookseller. NOBODY moves books like the river. I recently added Abe on to handle semi rare and antiquarian books that don't go to birck and mortar auctions or private buyers. I only tolerated eBay because I still liked selling some antiques and collectibles. It's been hard and recently I hit the last straw in terms of negs. A buyer with a rating of 11 and didn't even let me know what was coming. I won't go into detail. You can easily check it out. My username on eBay is Hiberhill and it's the only neg you'll see for the last several years. Since the buyer won't communicate with me and never even made an attempt to answer my emails, I've no idea what "most awful" means". Truthfully I'd been looking for an alternative selling site for awhile. None of the ones I checked panned out. Then someone on Amazon recommended "BONANZLE.COM" I checked it out and I signed up immediately. Don't know if I can sell there right away but I do know that it feels like the eBay of 11 years ago - kinder, gentler and saner. It's super simple to navigate. You can still import most of your feedback from eBay so you don't have to start with a goose egg although Ebay is starting to clamp down on the importing and will no longer allow buyer feedback to transfer and certain other fb's show as neutrals. You can also esily import your active eBay lsitings without ending them on eBay. Bonanzle charges nothing for setting up a booth and offering items for sale. You only pay if an itm sells and the fees are about 1/3 of eBay's final value fees. You can accept payment through Paypal or by Money Order. I don't get anythng from this posting. I'm only recomemnding this site because it not only looks to be the next big thing but it also feels a lot like the good old days on eBay and Ebay powersellers are flocking to it in droves. I counted the published stats for the last couple days and it appears to be over a thousand new sign ups per day and most are eBay refugees. Many of them are double listing on ebay. Check it out!
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@schulzie (4064)
• United States
28 May 10
Thank you so much for this very helpful information! I will look into it. I really appreciate your time and effort in writing this detailed and informative discussion.
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@celticeagle (121048)
• Boise, Idaho
28 May 10
That is very useful information. Thank you for letting us/me know about it. I think I heard the name somewhere but not sure. I have thought about selling some books but I can never decide if i want to part with them. Have you seen Farenheit 451? I will leave it at that.
@winterose (39917)
• Canada
28 May 10
I wonder if you could report him for abuse, write to ebay and explain the situation, I don't think it is right someone can just dis somebody like that and not say why.
@dpsilver (34)
• Jamaica
28 May 10
cool thanks for te link i think the artist that lives next door would like to check out this site