who can challenge barcelona??

May 30, 2010 4:10am CST
barcelona is getting stronger day by day..they signed david villa..now they are going for cesc fabregas..they already have a very strong squad..probably the best in europe with the lights of messi,iniesta,xavi,ibrahimovic..with these new signings,who can challenge them..i do not think anyone coming close to them..i want to see barcelona getting defeated in the nect year spanish league..but with a team like this,its looking very difficult.
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@ram_cv (16516)
• India
1 Jun 10
Don't worry, now the special one is at Real Madrid. Expect Mourinho to challenge Barcelona for all titles on offer. BTW, I think Ibra is on the way out of Barcelona and I do not think that Fabregas would be in this year. I think probably next year, but not this year. Cheers! Ram
@djdeep81 (1061)
31 May 10
I think la liga is going to be be very competitive next season especially with mourinho taking over the realms of r. madrid. Barca and Real have the most expensive players and have the best managers in world football. But in football, anything can happen. No team is perfect.
@mark17779 (667)
31 May 10
It's all very well buying David Villa and trying to get Cesc Fabregas, but where do these player's fit in to an already very good squad ? It affects moral when people with big ego's do not play every week and that will be there down fall, just look at Real Madrid for a perfect example. In term's of who can challenge them, Chelsea, R Madrid have the financial muscle to out bid Barca for anyone, Man Utd have a reported 95m to spend, and this realy pain's me to say but the scum (man city) will be a major force over the next few years with the money they have. So not everything is good for the future of Barca
@adhyz82 (36263)
• Indonesia
31 May 10
i think barca always get hard rivals from real madrid. dont forget valencia, villareal and athletico madrid can make surprise for barca. oh forget too, sevilla
@danoluma (817)
• Kenya
31 May 10
Watch out real madrid are coming in real hard they have Jose Morinho remember. Next season is going to be tough.
30 May 10
Well, Inter Milan just about steam-rollered them not too long ago (UEFA)...so I wouldn't be too sure about that. Still, Barcelona didn't seem to be playing up to their usual standards, and they are one hell of a team. I guess as long as they don't mess things up somehow, there's no reason for them to be losing anything at all.