Belated happy mother's dat Mom!

June 2, 2010 4:59pm CST
Last month was mother's day and the day was celebrated in our family by having a family outing.I was not able to attend because there was another occasion/celebration that I had to attend to at my husband's family. That was bad of me, noh? Anyway, my Mom's 71 years old in August. Her seventy one years on earth were not spent without hardships in life. She used to tell us stories how she had to beg her auntie to give her food because she was hungry. And when I say beg, it was literally begging. I had to admire her for overcoming that part of her life. When I was a young girl, I used to not understand her why she being so uptight and always angry. Hearing her tell those stories then is different from how I perceive it today whenever I listen to her stories repeatedly. When I became a mother myself, that was the time I fully understood her hardships not only as a daughter but as a mother as well. The more that I appreciate her more. Yes, sometimes we clash, even before when I was younger. But now at her age, I just let her be. I just let her win the arguments and make her believe that she is always right, which by the way she is. If what makes her happy, then I support her. Now, it is more peaceful between the two of us because I have learned to appreciate, understand and give way.
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