Unclaimed payment in Paypal

@labea17 (443)
June 5, 2010 5:15am CST
Someone sent me money in my friend's paypal account. All of our other transactions went smoothly. However, I did not receive the last payment that he sent me. My friend did not receive any notification in his paypal that he received any payment, but it has unclaimed status in the paypal of the one who sent me. Can the one who sent me the unclaimed payment cancel it and send instead to my account? What went wrong?
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• India
6 Jun 10
Hi welcome to mylot, some thing definitely went wrong, it is best ask your friend to contact paypal, there might be delay but they answer always, hope this works.. Thanks for sharing. Welcome always. Cheers. Prof
• Philippines
6 Jun 10
as long as its in unclaimed status then the money will return to his account, why dont you create your own paypal and let that person send the money to your paypal even if its not verified, only then you send it to your friend for at least you know that you already received it and if theres problem then its only between you and your friend paypal.
@Hatley (164485)
• Garden Grove, California
6 Jun 10
hi labea I would have your friend who has the paypal account contact a paypal worker and explain this transaction and ask what you should do to get that payment. You have not made this too clear, now am I right that one person is sending you money from his paypal account to your friend another person in his paypal account? well I think both of these people will have to talk to their respect paypal clerks to see just how to untangle this mess. I think perhaps the friend sending you the money would have done better to send it to you in your own paypal account as I am totally confused as to why you have to go through two different people with two different paypal accounts.this is making my own head ache trying to unscramble it. he he another thing can you really trust the friend whose account the other person is supposed to send money to?