it is end of windows xp

@baifuwa (636)
June 6, 2010 3:03am CST
I read news that the microsoft will not support of xp in 2014. Now ,more and more people are beginning to use the windows 7,and somebody has began to use windows 7. Is it the end time of windows xp? Now which system are you using?
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@Xes210 (295)
• Australia
6 Oct 10
Yes Microsoft are going to end support for Windows XP at the end of 2014
@nadeerclt (149)
• India
9 Aug 10
Now I am using windows XP .I think that news is not correct some people using Windows 98 now.I think Windows 7 is better than Windows XP,because windows 7 have lot of features on the other hand system requirement is high to compare Windows XP.
• China
5 Jul 10
I'm sorry to here that,I have used windows xp about 5years+,I still use it ,though there's some troubes with it,I think it is a good system .I don't and also wannt to know what is diffrences among xp,w7 and vista.Is w7 or vista easy to use for xp user.
@slovenc1 (2092)
• Slovenia
8 Jun 10
Still using xp and don't want to change that. If xp won't be supported it will happen slowly but how could they do that if they even adjusted the new version of office so it can work with old one and so on. I think they won't just cancel support like that.
@Ran_TH (6)
• Indonesia
8 Jun 10
I'm still using Windows XP and never look forward to other newer OS. Why? Windows 7 system reqs is too high...I'm still using 2005 old-school CPU. So yeah, Windows XP is ideal for older computer. But if I've upgraded my hardware, I'm certainly move to Windows 7.
• United States
6 Jun 10
XP is dying, plain and simple. I'd give it till the end of 2011. By then, XP will be relegated to Windows 2000 status, it was good in its prime, but its better replacement is here. Windows 7 is compatible with every piece of software made for XP, so XP is completely useless to have around.
6 Jun 10
I totally disagreed with you my friend every operating system has its own importance.And I know that windows 7 is best but there is nothing like my opinion.Because windows 7 or windows vista has een upgraded from windows xp only.So It is wrong to say that xp has been extinguishing.But we can say that use of xp is less than any other OS.
@jwfarrimond (4474)
6 Jun 10
I've got W7 on my new computer and so far I've no complaints about it. It's better than XP, which I thought was pretty good. MS are still going to support XP for netbooks, though I see that they have got a stripped down version of W7 on some netbooks now so I suppose that eventually, they will phase out XP entirely.