A Remote Control is NOT a Toy!

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June 6, 2010 11:04am CST
How would you deal with a grandparent who will not respect your wishes for your child? I work a full time job but my hubby has been, so most of the time my son gets to stay with his father. However, if we both leave the house without him then he goes to stay with his grandparents (m husband's parents) who live across the street. Now, I get along GREAT with my in-laws. I was blessed with them. They don't do anything HORRIBLE in the care of my child, its a little thing that could be a big deal in the future. My father-in-law lets my son play with his remote controls! I've asked him over and over not to, but he continues to let him play with the remotes, push buttons and change channels at will. We don't want him thinking it is OKAY to play with remotes. Hubby has a lot of electronic devices, each with their own remote, and we don't want our son to EVER play with the remotes and possibly tear them up. We keep our own remotes at home out of his reach, but if he were to ever be able to get to one we want him to know its a NO TOUCH item. Other than asking him nicely to not let our son play with the remotes, which we have done over and over, or telling him straight out to NOT let him play with the remotes which we have also done, how can we stop him from letting it happen? I don't want to not let him see and hold his grandson, but if he wont listen to us about the remotes what might he not listen to us about in the future?
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7 Jun 10
Maybe you need to explain it to Grandpa one more time. Explain that you will no longer put your child in harms way. His refusal to comply with a simple request will cause consequences at home for his Grandchild, whom he obviously isn't taking into consideration. Why should the boy be confused and conflicted. Grandfather is out of line - It is a small thing that you've asked. Keep the boy home or find alternate arrangements when you go out until you feel the issue is resolved to your satisfaction. You have your child's best interest at heart!
@nonersays (2685)
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8 Jun 10
I've talked to him till I'm blue in the face. I think I'm going to get my hubby to start now. Or tell my mother in law to not grandpa let him play with the remotes. She's good about respecting what I want for Parker. Maybe having his wife nag him will make him stop.
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15 Aug 10
My husband and I do not yet have children, but I've seen from the way my grandmother spoils my nephew and niece, and the way she spoiled me, that it's not always easy to get grandparents to understand that you want your kids raised a certain way. To your son's grandfather he's doing no harm, but if he's learning to play with remote controls at the grandparents house there's no telling if he'll try to do the same at your home and potentially hurt himself trying to reach them. Have you explained this to your father in law? Maybe if you mention that you keep them out of reach at your house, but are afraid your son will go for them and potentially hurt himself, your father in law will start to realize it's a big no to letting him play with the controllers.