so sick of people who tries to make other look bad, it just make them look worst

United States
June 7, 2010 5:56am CST
once again things got started here at the house, my daughter cousin girlfriend who is my daughter in law cousin. all my daughter did was ask her cousin about some rims and his girlfriend sent her a message saying and bring an bunch of crap up from three months ago. even brought up about the dude who tried to rape her, and also blame her for him becoming homeless, because i threw him out. it wasnt a scert of me was on the line of throwing him out, he was told if he is living with us, he can either help us and my daughter out, by not making it stressful here. or he would have to go because i am going to pick my daughter over him. well i guess he and everyone else is upset i toss him out or i picked my daughter over him. tough get over it. but to me people who tries so hard to make other people look bad they just make themself look even worst. i told my wife i am sick of all this crap going on, sick of her parents making excuses for people who do wrong. and i am sick of the kids in the family.
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@med889 (5958)
7 Jun 10
This is rightly said because I also feel that people who make us look bad they are worst than anyone else, they just want to prove they are right but then at the end they are the wrong one. There are some people like this in my surrounding, they will never tell about themselves but will always be finding faults in us at home and when their truth is out, then this is nothing for anyone.
@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
7 Jun 10
i know some people - not only one who are like that.. they seem to be nice.. but you can always feel that there is always a mockery in their tone! im sure you feel that too... they would appear as someone trying to help but would eventually show otherwise... hayy its just not right having this kind of feeling towards people... i mean, im sure i try to weigh whenever i feel there is this people who keeps talking and tries to help you only to make you feel bad about not being able to do something......
@mokkka (883)
• Bulgaria
7 Jun 10
It is awful when such things happen to us.We all have a bunch of problems but do try not to bother so much just live your life in the way is right and don't care of other's people opinions.You know why you did it so you shouldn't feel bad about others thinking you are not right.