Mc Donalds? How about the meat?

@chrisjfj (232)
United States
November 16, 2006 3:28pm CST
I recently read that mcdonalds uses cows in brazil with nearly any bones, they cannot walk so they have to sit their whole life. Does anyone know something about it?
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@sekhmetgb (462)
16 Nov 06
If you want some background, a really good book written by an American journalist, is Fast Food Nation. Word of warning - after you have read it you will probably never want to eat McDonalds again if you live in the States.
@kylesmiles (1913)
• United States
16 Nov 06
I have not heard about this. I don't really worry since I don't eat meat. LOL. Where did you hear this? Please let us know. If you have a link to the story, please post it.
@isasice (2015)
• Iceland
16 Nov 06
I never heard about that but I know there are a lot of rumous about McDonalds. The fact is that in most countries, McDonalds is actually very selective about their meet and other ingredients. In Iceland the farmers that breed the cows for McDonalds, the butchers and everone involved until the meet arrives at McDonalds are under very strict surveillance and well monitored by the healt authorities. So far there have never been any problems and I know they have similar standards in many countries.
@micheller (1365)
• United States
16 Nov 06
never heard of that. that must be a miserable life for that poor cow.