Me and my colleages have been suspecting that we're contacted by a scammer

@elvira1 (101)
June 7, 2010 9:18pm CST
We were given notice that that our account is closing by july 22 which means we are to lose our job. A week after that, a certain Vincent Sy who claimed to be with Kaysen or Kaizen Group of Companies in Ortigas called one of my colleagues. Then a day after, he called another again until it was me who was contacted by this person. He said he still need 2-3 persons for his team for a job (part time or full time). One of my colleagues said that Mr. Sy asked P12,000.00 as one of the requirements and that he told my colleague whom Mr. Sy first contacted that they meet at the third floor of a certain building but didn't advised what office that was. And mind you, I do not just give my contact numbers to people I don't know. Besides, I did not apply to any company yet. This is also the case with my colleagues. With all these, we think that this person is a scammer. I've been trying to search his name and his company via google search to no avail. Anyone also contacted by this person?
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@xtedaxcvg (3190)
• Philippines
8 Jun 10
You should be extra careful when dealing with someone especially if it involves money. If someone promises you something but it involves sending money in first then you should best avoid that deal. I always think ahead when engaging in deals.. in this case a person asking you for money in exchange for a local job is not normal. This sort of thing only happens when you're applying for a job oversees and it even isnt the practise anymore. Think 3 times before acting, that's my advise.
@knicnax (2234)
• Philippines
8 Jun 10
Well, certainly seems like a scammer. In the first lace, why ask for 12k upfront? It already sounds fishy. If the company's legit, they should be meeting you inside their office, not some floor space in a building in Ortigas. I think, someone from your current company who knows that your account is closing is trying to scam you guys. Don't fall for it. I do think you can get another job quick enough. Start looking now so by the time your account closes, you already have a fall back :)