I want to commit suicide

@dentabz (142)
June 8, 2010 11:13am CST
Some people who wanted to commit suicide is because of the unbearable emotion and pain which is cause by a big problem. Some commits because of their religion and belief. Some try to end their life in sign of protest. We will talk here about suicidal because of emotional pain. I have read that having suicidal thought is natural to human being. The people planning to commit suicide are those people who desperate and depress. Sometimes, they tend to give signs before doing so, but only few or non recognizes it. If we would only be sensitive enough to know them we can give them advises and counseling. Suicide is a cowardly act done by persons who cannot face their problems. Have you ever said to yourself "I want to commit suicide?
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@bodhisatya (2384)
• India
9 Jun 10
Yes, I had been there. I was on the verge of doing it. There are people who have hurt then there were people who stood by me, so I consider myself to be blessed.
@emjsar15 (140)
• Philippines
9 Jun 10
I am facing now in a big trouble and hardship of life but killing my self is not a virtue to finish all i am suffering now. I have still my hope and confidence that i will surpass all of this. Yes, if i will finish my life here in this world i will also finish my problems, but i am thinking of myself alone. What will happen to my love ones if i left them in that circumstances? How about my soul? am i free from the judgment in heaven? Those people who put their life into their own hands commits mortal sins and they are lack of faith in God.
@1hopefulman (31621)
• Canada
8 Jun 10
Yes but I haven't. Life is worth fighting for. Problems come and problems go, but life goes on.
@mrfdg1972 (3238)
• Philippines
8 Jun 10
I dont think so, its a NO for me, Life is full of strggles, and when you surpass these hrdships, you will get your rewrd.