Why todays primary is so important

United States
June 8, 2010 6:52pm CST
Here in SC it is primary voting day. Not only is it important because it will decide who runs for general in each party in November for a number of positions. But it also has two questions on it. 1. Should it be illegal to force the people of SC to buy health insurance against their will? 2. Asks if the General Assembly should limit spending to more evenly match the growth rates of inflation and population. Polls close at 7pm so I will be watching closely to see what happens. I hope we have a decent turn out. Voting in the off year is just as important as voting in the presidential election year. Are you paying close attention to the primary races and voting in your state?
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@laglen (19782)
• United States
9 Jun 10
Our primary isnt until August. But I am watching the other states
@hofferp (4739)
• United States
9 Jun 10
Since I'm registered Independent, I have to sit back and let the Democrats and Republicans duke it out. Our primaries are already done...and I already know how I'm going to vote this November...Republican. Denish, the current Lt. Gov., and Governor Bill Richardson had the last 8 years to do something besides raid the vault. Denish (a female - D and current Lt. Gov.) is now running against Martinez (a female - R and current DA in my city). It's going to be close because the state has been leaning more and more left over the past decade. But Denish has a lot of baggage with Bill Richardson, still up against felony charges. Now, she wants to get at the root of corruption. Why didn't she speak up when she was running the state, when Big Bill was running for President. Can you imagine HIM as President... What a selection from the Democratic candidates in 2008! Richardson, Biden, Dodd, Edwards, Obama....gees. Can we do no better than this?