Can u bear to Live with those people Whoose company You dont like.

@jagjit273 (1740)
June 9, 2010 7:52pm CST
Why Does it sometimes so Compleing to live and deal with those people, Whose Company You dont like or Whose/Whom face you Dont want to see, How One should handle such situation
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@mschawla (20)
• India
10 Jun 10
no dont like the company of those people but you see some we cant do any thing because some relations are such nature that you can not ignore them at all i think you understand what i am talking about. hey i just came to know that you are from amritsar and i am also from amritsar.
@Fireheart (683)
• India
10 Jun 10
Living with someone whose company you dont like is difficult and inappropriate there will always be fighting in it,so why going for unnecessary things than not to makes such people as your company ,you must always love people whom you like or share happiness with not someone who disagrees all the time,even i dont want such people to be even giving a company.
@laydee (12813)
• Philippines
10 Jun 10
I'm just wondering now why should you be living with someone you don't like in the first place. I don't think it's because you don't have a choice - we always have a choice. Unless the lodging is free from the company. Well, if indeed you do not have the choice about it then you could just ignore and do something separate form the person. Like separate activities. Different time of sleeping and awake times. There are far many ways to make the conditions work the easiest would be accepting the person and dealing with the issues you have with the person.