Ice Cream Chronicles

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June 11, 2010 7:59am CST
Anyone have extensive knowledge about Ice Cream? Which is better yogurt, fat free, gilatto, sorbet, are they all pretty bad for you?
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@cripfemme (7715)
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19 Jun 10
I think that both sorbet and gelatto are healthier than ice cream. That is, if one is to believe the Food Network. However, as with every food the key is to just, as my friend Mary Francis said, "everything in moderation including moderation." I have never found a better phrase to live by. I don't actually know who said it in real life first, but I know she said it all the time and seemed to enjoy her life.
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26 Jun 10
to much of anything is a bad thing that is true. I suppose I'm just full blown american... would like to have more just don't wanna deal with the calories haha
@karen1969 (1788)
11 Jun 10
You should be able to check the fat and calories content on all these kinds of products. Sorbets are low fat as they are watery and not creamy. Anything containing cream is fattening with lots of calories. Ice lollies aren't so bad, something like Solero and Twister are pretty good. Most brands do low fat versions you can look out for.
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11 Jun 10
mmhm I love popsicles but nothing really beats an oreo mcflurry lol! Sorbert is my favortie but I was surprised to see that it has almost just about the same calories as other ice creme's I was a little shocked. I supposed its healthier though, sugar aside, because they are made with fruit instead of more sugar =\ Thanks for posting! -Scott
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