i love to go for long drives with my friends and family.....

June 12, 2010 12:30pm CST
i love to go long drives with my friends and also with my family during weekends and enjoy with them. Do anybody like long drives....with whom do you like to go...
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@Porcospino (18385)
• Denmark
9 Jul 10
My husband and I like to drive around a visit different places. Most of the time we stay on our own island, because it is more expensive to visit other parts of the country. I love exploring new places, we haven't been everywhere on our island, but I feel that we know our local area pretty well, because we love to drive around. I have two friends who also like to go for long drives, sometimes we visit new places together, and that is a lot of fun.
@much2say (39616)
• United States
27 Jun 10
Well, when it was just me and my hubby before having kids, we used to take many long drives. Sometimes at night we'd try to get lost on purpose, but it never worked. Once it did happen and I was low on gas . . . we were somewhere in the mountains at night and it was sort of scary - but luckily we knew the general direction to go and made it out. We don't go on super long drives now because gas costs so much . . . plus it's hard with a baby (though we have a 5 year old who can handle it). We can't wait to be able to go on a family long drive!
• Boston, Massachusetts
13 Jun 10
Hi Sweetjasmine, I love long drives as it gives me time to sleep. i love the feeling being mobile while sleeping. short and long distance drive makes me sleepy. if i am first time in the area i will try my best to be up and enjoy the view but if i 've been there xx number of times...i will spend the travel time sleeping.
@funorb12 (459)
• United States
12 Jun 10
I actually hate driving. I get nauseous when driving or riding cars. The constant bumps, motor shakes, and motions drive my stomach crazy. I vomit when I go on long trips. I usually take a jet, even though its more expensive. When I'm with my girlfriend, I try to soak it up. We take constantly rest stops, and I pretend I need to go, even though I'm vomiting in there. I try to avoid long trips, and rather have short, consistent, trips.