It's summertime! What do you do now?

@johnnykay (1057)
June 13, 2010 3:44am CST
Hello my friends! I'm just enjoying the first days of my summer without studying and working and I just hope I can go to the beach soon having a cocktail in my left hand and a cigarette in my right hand!Just chillin' there, feeling the soft sunshine on my skin! Ooooohh... That would be great, huhh? It's 35 celsius right now at 10.32am CET! So it could be about 37-38 celsius afternoon! That's too hot to stay at home and just turn some ventillation on! I'm sure I'll do something really cool (in all the ways of meaning XD ) outside today! What will you do in the summer? I was thinking that I ask this simple question/start this simple discussion, because I want to know, what do you people in the other countries of the world do in this kind of hot weather (if there's such a hot weather in the country you live in, like here in Hungary)! So share your plans with us! Maybe one can use some of our summer plans and/or ideas to have a nice time! All kind of responses will be appreciated! =) Have a nice day! And a nice summer, too!
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@rastogisw (446)
• India
13 Jun 10
Its already summer here and I dont like to go out in summer , as its too hot here around 45 celcius. NOrmally, in evening we like to go for swimming in summer and go out with friends or family on summer weekends , but usually avoid long journey for vacation .
@johnnykay (1057)
• Hungary
13 Jun 10
holy sh*t! 45 celsius?! I'm happy that I live in a country with a bit better weather conditions! have a nice time with your friends! thank you for your response!
@Torunn (2810)
• Norway
16 Jun 10
Summer? Hmm, well, kind off. It's green but at the moment it's about 9 degrees :-/ Apparantly the rest of Europe including southern Norway might get one of the warmest summer in years, but up in the north we'll probably get a green winter. At least it hasn't been very warm yet. Not sure what I'd do if it was that warm here as I have all kinds of heating but only a small fan :-) One of the semesters I spent in Vienna it was that warm, my flatmate and I spent the afternoons in the hallway were it was cooler, or did turns in the shower with cold to lukewarm water. We always walked in the shade, at least when it was possibly. I was in Bangkok for 3 days once, in 40 degrees. We went to all the museums with air condition :-)
@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
16 Jun 10
Stay inside where there's air conditioning? Seriously, on the weekends we often go to Lake Tahoe or San Francisco where it's usually cooler. On vacation, it just depends. We've gone to Arizona (family there), Las Vegas, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Orlando, etc. Not sure what we're doing this year.