did it....

June 13, 2010 3:28pm CST
my long off after quiting my job was all went well.. we've got a 24 hours visa outside the border and we did everything as planned... last 2 days we came back and so i spent those two days to regulate my muscles from driving and today i've got new job.. yes i did it, the interview was easy and thanks God new boss are seemed to be okay...
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@mspitot (3833)
• Philippines
15 Jun 10
i'm happy for you. i hope you good relationship with your new work.
• Spain
15 Jun 10
@Hatley (164640)
• Garden Grove, California
13 Jun 10
hi kumar I am glad all went well for you. Now onto your new job so be grateful you have it.Here in the US and in our state, California the economy is horrid. My son is still out of work but he has some prospects now as a friend of his wants to get together with him and my son says it sounds like a job opportunity. All the jobs he got as an adult he got by networking so maybe this is the break we both have been hoping for.Its great that your new boss seems okay. The last boss I had I swear she came from hell, she was bi polar and refused to take her meds. so she was up one day and down the next.I am so glad I am retired now.She fired me simply because of my age and when the library headquarters heard what she did they fired her and wanted to rehire me but meantime I had had a bad fall.I was in the hospital having surgery to replace myshoulder joint with a metal and plastic joint. so there went any hope of ever working in the library shelving books again. so goes life.
• Spain
14 Jun 10
i am thinking practically that it is better to be fired at times Rather than to use you even if you showed that you do not want to perform your job anymore.. This is my case i past my resignation with due process and wanted to leave in due time but only to find out that everything was put in vain. of course, i do not want to be liked an animal being put inside a big box without any opennings at all and just waiting to die... i would prefer to be lost in the desert with millions of camels and sheeps and dates fruits as i can toy them... but being a lost toy with tigers and giants, i would prefer asking Gods and Goddesses to let me disappear...