How long do you usually stay with your job?

June 15, 2010 4:06am CST
My usual average length of stay with my job is two to three years. There was this job that I stayed only for one year and quit because I had to review for the board exams. The next jobs I had, I stayed for three years. Its not that I get bored or anything but, my work sometimes does not challenge me anymore. How long have you been in your job? Do you stay long and plan to retire with that same job you had for like 30 years? Or do you switch often/
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• China
18 Jun 10
With nearly 4 years of working experience, I have taken two jobs. For the first one, I stayed for less than 6 months only. Actually, that work was attractive with chances of going out from time to time and even going abroad. However, I quit because of the lack of challenge and also because I can not bear the way that boss handle things. For the second one, I guess I will keep for a longer time even though nothing is perfect, regardless of working. Anyway, I like it generally...
@chm001 (207)
• India
17 Jun 10
I just join in my first job in last year 2009. So till this date i dont change my job. But my think is a best average lenth for a job is three years...............
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
15 Jun 10
I stay for several years usually, if I like the job. I have had one job which I did not like, and then I quit after 6 months, but that is the shortest I have ever been in any one job. I do not think I will work in the same job as I have today until I retire though, sometimes it is good for you to try new things!