Bachelors Degree in "Scandinavian Studies".

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June 16, 2010 11:34pm CST
Reason for this discussion: my sister just came back to America, having studied abroad in Sweden to complete her degree. Now, she is back in Minnesota, of the US, with a bachelors degree in Scandinavian Studies. With no idea of what to do with it. I'm sure a lot of us find ourselves in this position - we found our passion, so we got a degree in it, but didn't think about the potential for getting CAREERS in this field. I think this is the position she's in. She's unsure if she wants to be a teacher or university professor, so I was trying to help her brainstorm of potential job ideas that could utilize her skills.. ..I am drawing a blank. I'm hoping that you call help. Any ideas? P.S.) If you are unsure of what "Scandinavian Studies" means (I think I might even spelled that wrong..Oops lol), it's pretty much the study of the Northern European region known as "Scandinavia" (Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, etc). She learned Swedish in colllege, too, and is pretty proficient at it. Any ideas? Thanks a billion.
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