Hopeless African teams!

@danoluma (817)
June 18, 2010 6:08am CST
I see all African teams perform poorly I guess they will blame the Vuvuzela!
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19 Jun 10
They are not all performing badly. Ghana won their first match and the Ivory Coast had a creditable draw against Portugal.
@duranv (517)
• Honduras
19 Jun 10
Well Ghana played well, lets see what they do tomorrow. And frankly I think Ivory Coast played a great game against Portugal which is my favorite team, Nigeria I think hasnt played to good but against Greece the decider was the one player less. South Africa played poorly and is nearly out except if some very difficult results come out in the remaining two games,Cameroon has only played once so far, maybe they will do better in the next two games, and Algeria has played good enough. Over all the African teams have maybe not lived up to expectations but I think at least Ivory Coast will advance.
@ram_cv (16516)
• India
18 Jun 10
I would say most African nations. Though Ghana won a very important match and Ivory Coast was impressive in their draw against Portugal. But the likes of Cameroon, South Africa and Algeria have thus far disappointed in the world on their soil. Cheers! Ram
@Naxous (974)
• India
18 Jun 10
yes friend you are right .Almost all the African teams except Ghana put up pathetic show in this edition of the World Cup.Teams like Cameroon and Nigeria are lacking quality players and they are also not able to play as a team that's what is more discouraging.I don't think the Africans can blame the vuvuzelas.They are accustomed to such noise in the field of play.What I think is that the Africans are putting too much pressure upon themselves.The World Cup is held in Africa and the African countries think that they must produce good result not only for their countries but also for their continent and that's something that is not allowing them to play freely.