Computer addict!

June 19, 2010 9:12am CST
im addict on computer cause i earn money through this technology and I enjoy cause Im playing online games :)
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• India
21 Jun 10
Earning online is not important, but "how much you earn online" is important. If your Internet and electicity bill exceeds your online earning then there is no benefit to earn online.
@deejlux (524)
• Italy
27 Jun 10
I agree. For me it's hard to cover internet end electric bills with my earnings and a low consumption pc doesn't help
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
20 Aug 10
Many of us are computer addicts these days, for different reasons. I am on the computer atleast about ten hours a day. My work requres me to do a lot of reasearch online, searching for business information. Internet is the information highways these days, carrying a mazing sources of informatiom. Then, on the personal side, I enjoy playing online games too. That's a way for relaxation at the end of the day !
• India
26 Jun 10
actually i am too an addict to the computer and wanna to earn more if u any guys can give me best ways and suggetions
@magtibaygom (4865)
• Philippines
24 Jun 10
Since you are fond of playing online games, are you familiar with uVme?
@sathya264 (174)
• India
20 Jun 10
yes i am the same with you but iam playing free games can you tell me the website names.then iam also play games in online while earning.
@xtedaxcvg (3191)
• Philippines
20 Jun 10
I am a computer addict as well. I'd most likely spend my entire days off surfing the internet and play online games than go outdoors or watch TV. I guess the reason is I have more things to do on the net than anywhere else. I also earn online so it's ok.
@Jadsta (269)
• Gibraltar
20 Jun 10
I play my share of games on the pc too, but lately I've been really interested about making money online. I find it really fun to try and do, and I just aim to get as much money as I can online. It'a addicting once you get paid on, for example, Paypal. You just want to get paid more and more :)
• India
20 Jun 10
well i am also the same as you. Earn money and play many games as possible. In addition i listen and download videos and music along with social networking. i would sincerely like to thank the dudes who invented this great machine!
• Philippines
19 Jun 10
same here....ohh well im just starting to earn money online. hope i can earn muchhhh faster...but yeah, patience is the key to success right? keep it up!